How to Buy from Honto

Recently became If you migrated from BK1 to Honto, as a foreign customer, you should still be served as before. But if you’re a new customer, there is a certain clause that requires you to have a Japanese Mail Address.

Here is a post a blogger made to help you guys register with Honto:

And here’s a guide a kind Anonymous made for new folks who wanna join and buy from






  1. Hello can you please tell me how much is the cost of the EMS shipping? and my friend in France used SAL and she got her package why you said not use one of the last two?

    • It is stated the very beginning that an Anonymous user made this guide, not myself. Your friend picked SAL, the fourth, not the last two options.

      To answer your questions:
      1. To calculate EMS shipping, go to this website: and choose this option: Printed Matter (Books / Magazines). No need to tick any of the checkboxes below it. Estimate the weight of your shipping, usually 300 to 400 grams per tankobon. I assume it’s like a yaoi volume that is of A5 size. Choose “Tokyo” as the prefecture they send from as Honto’s located there. Choose your destination. I used France here as an example. Click Next and you get a table with rates.

      So for example, 500 grams of printed matter from Tokyo to France would be 1800 yen via EMS. It will reach you in a few days. Airmail will take 960 yen and reach you in around two weeks. SAL takes 580 yen and would reach you in around 2 weeks. Seamail will cost you 430 yen and take 2 months to reach you. So SAL takes around the same time as Airmail but is cheaper and reliable so far. That’s why Anon probably said to pick SAL. Here are screenshots:

      1. Shipping Calculate 1
      2. Shipping Calculate 2

      SAL is option 4 not the last two. The last two are Airmail (航空便) and Seamail (船便). Airmail is option 5. Seamail is option 6. SAL and Airmail take around 2 weeks to get to you. The Anon who made the list probably said to pick SAL because it’s usually more reliable (I’ve not used Airmail so I can’t personally say what’s better). Seamail, the last option, takes around 2 months to get to you even though it’s cheap. When I tried this, the books were kind of yellowed by the time they reached me. Not recommended personally.

      Options for shipping:

      ※These deliverys are not guarantee.
      Even if the pack is lost, we would not be able to refund and investigation. Please understand it and choose these delivery methods.

      Sorry for the edits. I’m sleepy wwwwwww

  2. This guide is great, thanks! I know about Yesasia too, but the prices there are often higher than the actual price+decent shipping cost, and they don’t have that many books.

    Also, the last option -shipping by boat- is not too bad except that you WILL wait for two months. I’ve used that service when shipping manga from Japan to Europe (since I buy too much when I go there xD), and in once case my box arrived unharmed, while my CDs that I shipped by SAL were very damaged. (Although that is the only time ever a SAL package got damaged). But I’d only recommend funabin for a large amount of books, as in, 5kg.

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