Calculating Shipping from Honto

I got a comment that asked about how to calculate shipping so I decided to post the reply here too.
1. To calculate shipping to your location from Honto, go to this website:

2. Honto uses Printed Matter as their packing choice. Choose this option: Printed Matter (Books / Magazines). No need to tick any of the checkboxes below it. Estimate the weight of your shipping, usually 300 to 400 grams per tankobon. I assume it’s like a manga volume that is of A5 size. Choose “Tokyo” as the prefecture they send from as Honto’s located there. Choose your location for the destination. Click Next and you get a table with rates.

So for example, 500 grams of printed matter from Tokyo to France would be 1800 yen via EMS. It will reach you in a few days. Airmail will take 960 yen and reach you in around two weeks. SAL takes 580 yen and would reach you in around 2 weeks. Seamail will cost you 430 yen and take 2 months to reach you. So SAL takes around the same time as Airmail but is cheaper and reliable so far.

Here are screenshots:





In the Guide, Anon said not to pick the last two:  Airmail (航空便) and Seamail (船便). Airmail is option 5. Seamail is option 6. SAL and Airmail take around 2 weeks to get to you. SAL looks cheaper than Airmail but it might depend on different weights for the packages so please use your discretion. The Anon who made the list probably said to pick SAL because it’s usually more reliable. I’ve not used Airmail so I can’t personally say what’s better. Seamail, the last option, takes around 2 months to get to you even though it’s cheap. When I tried this, the books were kind of yellowed by the time they reached me. Not recommended personally.

Honto’s options for shipping:

※These deliverys are not guarantee.
Even if the pack is lost, we would not be able to refund and investigation. Please understand it and choose these delivery methods.


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